Wafer Translator Technology Reduces Cost of Test

The Industry Challenge

wafer translator technology
The drive in the semiconductor industry for increased functionality, lower power consumption, increased connectivity and especially lower cost has caused tremendous changes in device design and testing solutions at the wafer level. The push to reduce the cost and decrease the test cycle time is intense.  While IC manufacturing cost has dramatically declined since 1982, the cost of test has not. Complex, customized test probe cards are typically completely replaced for a change in chip design. One change in a NAND flash chip design can result in up to $9M worth of custom probe card purchases, plus a longer cycle time to receive new probe cards.

The Challenger

Translarity is focused on creating a more cost-effective probe card, platform and technology. Over the past two years, the Translarity team has developed specialized technology, identified and resolved each obstacle standing in their way. Their solution – Wafer Translator technology – has recently passed engineering requirements for two major semiconductor companies.  Translarity is now completing the remaining work needed to commercialize that technology and bring that solution to market in 2017.

The Translarity Break-through Solution

The Translarity Wafer Translator is a low-cost, probe card replacement with a short lead time that dramatically reduces the cost of test.  It changes the approach to semiconductor device testing by translating the tight pitch and small pad size on a wafer to a relaxed pitch and large pad size on the top side of the wafer translator. Only the Wafer Translator needs to be replaced when new designs are added to a product family.

Translarity Wafer Translator Probe Card

  • Answer to extreme cost pressure – Wafer Translator cost is projected at 50% savings.
  • Easily replace when new designs are added to product family.
  • Fast turnaround on replacements, only 4 – 6 weeks.

The Translarity Wafer Translator provides the lowest cost for full wafer test and eliminates the need to discard your entire probe card inventory when there is a design change.

Wafer translator technology enables new probe card design and low cost probe cards

Additional Benefits of the Translarity Wafer Translator Solution

  • It is a flexible wafer test system offering innovative contact technology that provides consistently low contact resistance and minimal pad damage.
  • Wafer Translators allow the customer to minimize the changes and cost that occurs due to a design change and to decrease the amount of customization required for each design.
  • Wafer Translators may be used as a temporary RDL (redistribution layer) to the surface of the wafer to enable special test modes or BIST (built in self-test).

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