Test on Mobile Handsets with 5G will require changes in vertical probe cards.
IoT devices are driving changes to semiconductor test and existing vertical probe cards.
5G communications will drive many changes in semiconductor test and vertical probe cards.
Semiconductor test for SoC (system on chip) is driving wafer level testing and vertical probe cards.
2D and 3D packaging is driving changes in semiconductor test and vertical probe cards.
Connected cars are dramatically increasing the levels of semiconductor test and current vertical probe cards.

Technology acceleration is creating significant challenges for wafer level and advanced package test, requiring high density vertical probe cards, a dramatic reduction in probe pitch, and increased signal integrity requirements. These conditions are driven by emerging developments in 5G cellular networking, automotive advancements in connectivity and 3D packaging, in addition to other emerging technologies.


Translarity delivers design services, turnkey probe cards, and probe card components for customers experiencing a critical state of transition to address issues such as:

More devices in closer proximity at higher frequency
Expanded performance requirements for known good die
Shifts in pitch and density scale

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