Turnkey Probe Card Solutions | Vertical Probe Heads | Space Transformers

Products and Design Services

Advanced engineering solutions are required to meet increasing challenges for wafer test, driven by today’s rapid technology acceleration. Translarity offers probe card solutions for the global semiconductor and packaging test industries, tailored to customer specifications. The company’s IP portfolio, design capabilities, innovative products, and reputation for quality, reliability and customer support ensure the right solution for your testing requirements.

We not only design and manufacture state of the art probe cards, but we also can design and meet the unique needs of our customers through collaborative engineering including custom mechanical hardware, adapters, cable assemblies, PCB assembly, prototyping, and whatever unmet needs we can create together.

Our capabilities allow us to excel in meeting probe card requirements for MEMS probe cards, wafer probes, vertical probe cards, and custom space transformer solutions:

  • MEMS Vertical Probe Cards optimized for high pin count SOC/Logic Testing
    • >70,000 probes
    • 50um pitch and greater capability – with zero restriction on die pad/bump layout
      • Probe technology down to 30um pitch with feasibility
    • High CCC to 2A per probe
    • Field Repairable
    • Tri-temp capability from -40 to 175C
    • Customized probes to meet any application requirements
      • Bump, Copper Pillar, Pads, Chiplets
    • 100% in house probe design and manufacturing
  • Full Wafer Memory Probe Cards for FLASH and DRAM (WBI and high density)
    • 50mm to 300mm
  • MEMS Optical Probe Cards for CMOS Image Sensor (CIS) and LED Testing
    • Up to x32 DUTs in Parallel
  • Cantilever Probe Cards
    • Fine pitch
    • High Pin Count >2000 probes
    • RF
  • PCB and Substrate Turnkey Design and Simulation Services
    • Cadence Allegro (including APD)
    • PADS
    • Altium
    • Large Template and Database of New and Legacy ATE Platforms
  • Stiffeners and Custom Mechanical Assemblies

Call us at (510) 371-7900 or email us at [email protected] to discuss your probe card requirements.