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Translarity's office where they are disrupting semiconductor test

Driven to enable the interconnected world with our wafer translation technology, Translarity is a leading innovator in the semiconductor wafer test industry, focused now on the $1.4B advanced probe card company market. Headquartered in Silicon Valley, Translarity brings a disruptive change to the world of semiconductor test by offering full-wafer test with low cost, high performance and short cycle time. That solution addresses a compelling opportunity within the existing $6B+ market now dominated by automated test equipment (ATE) market leaders.

The Translarity solution delivers a low-cost, simple and fast cycle-time probe card replacement using Wafer Translator technology. It provides more than 50% TCOO savings vs incumbent probe card solutions. In late 2016, the Translarity solution passed customer engineering qualifications with volume manufacturing intercepts in 2018. Our team is now actively seeking additional semiconductor test partners.

the translarity team focused on disrupting semiconductor test

Translarity’s proven management team, backed by strong financial investors, recruited a dynamic team of top industry talent to address the unmet challenges in building the Wafer Translator technology. In creating the Translarity solution, the team developed a fertile innovation pipeline and a strong IP portfolio, with more than 45 patents already issued and more than 50 filed. Their business model focuses on engineering and selling both repeat consumable and one-time capex semi-test products, while outsourcing manufacturing and service to a group of world-class partners. The company’s near-term targets are on flash memory & SOC areas of the $1.4B semiconductor probe card market, with a breakthrough path into the larger $6B ATE TAM and then to packaging.

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